About us


Refidé helps you on your way!

We are a professional, modern two-wheeler company that helps its customers’ mobility. As a work-based project of WerkPro, we offer people who experience difficulty on the job market a space to work on their skills and personal goals. Should their labour disabilities be chronic and should the job market offer no opportunities, people can find in us a meaningful work-oriented daily activity. As welfare workers, we guide them in these personal goals. For this purpose, we have had an education in health care and a technical education in the field of bicycles.

What do we have to offer?

Bike shop Refidé aims to be a full-fledged two-wheeler company where you can train various job skills. In principle, all activities are done by participants, with or without guidance. Most of the work is done in the workshop. There, repairs are done and second hand bikes are made ready for sale. The new bicycles are assembled to completion and the customer-ordered accessories are fixed to the bike. Of course, we also provide work in the stockroom and on the shop floor. Incoming items are to be priced, and must then be put in the right places in the shop or the stockroom. Our web site and Facebook page also have to be provided with photos or pictures and other information.

The care process


The participant can be registered with us through an external counsellor or register themselves. Next, we will discuss whether or not the employee fits our target audience and whether or not a legitimate allowance is in place. This can be a WMO allowance provided by the municipality or a PGB. In case of a care plan, there is the possibility of subcontracting by WerkPro.

If you are unsure of what you want, you can contact the office of WerkPro (050 371 52 00). WerkPro offers various things to do when it comes to work training and how to spend your day.


An appointment is made for a tour. Depending on whether or not interest is piqued, an introductory meeting will follow. In this meeting, the wishes and goals of the employee as well as his or her disabilities are discussed.  Possible counselling for the employee to achieve their personal goals is also discussed, and we’ll discuss the expectations we have of participants.
To register the employee, their personal details are written down. It’s determined when they’ll start work, and what parts of which days they will work. Before work can start, the daily work allowance or participation via PGB has to be specified.

Activity plan:

The activity plan is the employee’s personal plan. In the plan, we write down what the employee would like to work on, how they are going to do this, and what help they need from counsellors. The plan is a derivative of the treatment plan, but it is more concrete and focuses on the work and goals that can be worked on at Refidé.

The activity plan is evaluated and reported on periodically.