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Located at the Zernike Campus

Buy back guarantee

Wide assortment

A good bike for less than €10 per month?

Refidé bikes is THE address in Groningen where you can buy a good new- or second-hand bike. Lucky for you, we are located at the campus.

Cheap bikes

If you get a bike from our store you can bike around in the city for less than ten euros per month. This is because we buy your bike back for max half of the price you bought it. For a good price you’re going to have a lot of biking fun.

For example, if you buy a bike for €100, – and you borrow it for six months, we will buy your bike back for €50, -. Your bike will then cost you €8,25 per month.

Wide assortment

We have bikes in loads of different sizes, even small ones. There are bikes with hand brakes, the kind of brakes you are probably used to. There is also a product range of bike with pedal brakes. If you are not familiar with these brakes, it will take around two- or three days practice and you can’t remember anything else.

In short, there are endless possibilities. If you are curious about our store, you are welcome to visit us and make a test drive on one of our bikes.

We wish you a lot of biking pleasure in bike city Groningen.