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Lost your key?

Bike shop Refidé provides two keys for each new lock and each new bike. Should your bicycle key break, or should you lose your key, you will still have a spare. Refidé recommends ordering a new spare key if you have lost one.

Spare keys can only be ordered if you have actually lost a key or damaged it. Keys should be ordered from the supplier of the lock. You must inform the bike insurance company of this and a lock change immediately.

Key service

New keys must be ordered from the lock manufacturer. Make note of your lock’s brand before you continue. The key number is also very important. This number is engraved on the key, not on the lock!


Should you have a lock belonging to the brand AXA or BASTA, you can make use of AXA-BASTA’s online key service. You can order a new key online here.

For locks belonging to the brands ABUS and TRELOCK, you can use the online key service to order a new key.