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Rent a citybike

Groningen is the ultimate city for cycling! If you want to rent a bike, Refidé Bikes at the Zernike Campus is the best place to do so.

Every area is easily accessible and parking your bicycle is never an issue.

From the Zernike Campus, you could also go on wonderful bike rides to various places. One such place is Garnwerd, the village with the narrowest street in the Netherlands and beautiful terraces along the Reitdiep.

Don’t forget to bring your ID card if you want to rent a bicycle. Keep in mind that you have to pay a deposit, which will of course be reimbursed, provided you return the bicycle in good condition.

We also have bicycles available for groups. Please contact us for more information.

We can deliver and collect bicycles as well, with our company van.

Daily € 7,50
Weekly (7 days) € 37,50

A good student-bike for less than €10,- per month?

If you get a bike from our store you can cycle around in the city for less than ten euros per month. This is because we buy your bike back for max half of the price you bought it. For a good price you’re going to have a lot of biking fun.

For example, if you buy a bike for €100, – and you use it for six months, we will buy your bike back for max. €50, -. Your bike will then cost you €8,25 per month.